Intarsia Problem

I am making a baby blanket from a recent issue of Creative Knitting (I think, and I think it was Jan/Feb?) Basically, you CO 30, do 8 rows of seed sts, then do 38 rows with a 5 sts of seed for a border and stockinette across the middle in a contrast color (intarsia). You repeat this for 7 connected blocks, then repeat the strip 5 times and assemble.

I completed the first strip w/o issue, but I am having a weird problem on the second strip and I need y’all to help snap me out of it. I’ve frogged several times now and the same thing keeps happening.

On the first row after the initial seed st part, I do 5 seed sts, start the second color and knit across to the last 5, then end w/5 seed. I turn my work and do 5 seed sts, but when I get to