Intarsia pattern- Cast on color(s)?

I am shortly going to begin knitting the front of a pillow cover done using intarsia and I am not sure how to cast on for it. The 1st row is: K 5White, 11E, 4White, 5B, 11D, 2B, 19A, 3B. Do I cast on according to the colors of the 1st row of the pattern, or do I cast on using 1 color? I was thinking of using the color I used for the back of the pillow cover. What should I do?

Much Thanks, Stefanie

I would cast on using one color because I think it would be easier. You can cast on using different colors, using the cable cast on and changing, but you’d still have all those ends.

Since it’s a pillow an will be seamed, anyway, cast on in one color and that will be used up in the seaming anyway.

:thinking: I think using the back color sounds like the easiest way. Then you can start the pattern. If you’ll be seaming you wouldn’t want the pattern on the very edge anyway or it might get seamed in.