Intarsia moss stitch color change

I’m working on a sweater with color blocks done intarsia style. Some blocks are stockingette and some are moss stitch.

Problem: when I switch colors between color blocks in moss and I am also switching from k to p stitch, or vice versa. How do I wrap or otherwise manipulate the yarns to avoid the dreaded hole?

I thought it was covered in my Vogue knitting reference, but it isn’t. Thanks!

I don’t think I have ever done this and if I had I wouldn’t be able to remember what to tell you without trying a little swatch. :slight_smile: So I made a swatch and here’s what I learned.

It works pretty much the same way any intarsia does. Make sure you pick up the color you are changing to from underneath the one you are dropping. And before you twist make sure your yarns are both on the back side of your work, then take the new color in front if you need to purl, or leave it in back to knit. Of course, be sure to move the yarns from front to back between the tips of the needles so you don’t get yarn overs.

That works pretty slick. I never thought of doing intarisa in moss stitch. Pretty cool.

Thank you! I’ll give this a try. I am so fired up on this project (twin baby great-nieces) and I want to get back to it!