Intarsia = MESS!

I recently started to knit a pretty tote bag that will eventually be felted. :cheering: I am using five different colors in this bag. I am following the pattern exactly.

I have to say the BACK of my work is a mess!! :crying: The front looks like its suppose to but with all the carrying of the different yarns and the strands hanging etc. it looks very messy. Is this “normal”?? I am weaving in the loose strands as I go but still there is a lot of yarns back there.

Luckily no one will see the back since it will end up being the inside of the bag and I certainly WILL line it. So the evidence will not be seen. :rollseyes:

I was wondered if this is always to be expected with Intarsia or is it due to my lack of “experience” in knitting with so many different colors at once?

Unless you’re doing something simple with one contrasting color at a time, intarsia does tend to be somewhat of a mess on the back. With several colors, it just makes it worse. I’d say yours probably looks like anyone else’s at this point.

Ingrid, :XX: :XX: :XX: thank you for the encouraging words!! As I said the front looks exactly as it should but now that I know the back is suppose to look this way…I’ll be happier knitting away on it. :smiley:

Intarsia is kind of like Vegas–what’s on the back stays on the back–and with a lined bag, who’s going to know?

lol :roflhard: thanks!! I’ll post a picture when its done but it will be awhile. :smiley: