Intarsia/ machine knitting

I have the Stitch n Bitch book, but I still don’t get intarsia knitting. I would like to see a video of that :slight_smile:

Also, I am curious in machine knitting. I dont have a machine tho. The only real reason for that is because i waited too long to make knitting gifts (it takes a long time by hand) which is all I can do this holiday.

Great to have you back, Angela. No internet for all that time! You must have been suffering so!

I am planning on including an intarsia video. It’s good to have the request, because it’s motivating. I’ll get it up soon.

I’m not a machine knitter, and I don’t know any machine knitters. But that’s a great idea; now you’ve got me curious about machine knitting! If I can find someone to teach me, I’ll try to borrow a machine and film with it.

…Any machine knitters out there in Massachusetts?..


i was afraid of intarsia for a while, until someone sat with me and showed me how to do it :slight_smile: basically when you get to the new color you want to use, you bring it under the color you just dropped. this essentially creates a little “twist” on the wrong side of your work.

it’s probably easier to “see” this on video rather than try to understand what the heezy i’m talking about. :slight_smile:

eboni (“mzundercover”)

Thanks so much! I will probably need the video to show me intarsia lol, I’m still a little edgy on finishing my backpack from Stitch 'N Bitch.

I wasn’t really interested in machine knitting before, I kinda thought it was “cheating.” But I think that in the long run it was still made by you…just with the help of a machine. Lol. And plus, being in a crunch like I am, it would be great to learn at least how to do simple things. I’m thinking of making a bunch of hand muffs (play it by ear, cause I dont have a pattern. Shouldn’t be hard) for relatives. That and a guitar strap, and some coffee mug holders lol. Easy stuff.

I’m glad I got u interested :slight_smile: I like to be well-rounded.

I’d love to know too. What’s the best way to learn more about machine knitting?

There was a blog started here but it isn’t very active:

Knitting machines are incredibly expensive. They can cost up to $900. for an automatic one. A woman I met in a farmers market said she had a manual machine that cost her $300.

I’ll stick to my Options, they may not be as fast as a machine but at least I can afford them.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Once I figured out how to change colors without a gap I found it wasn’t too hard. I haven’t done a lot of it yet, but here’s a good example how how the yarns are wrapped.

I’ve figured out how now. Wow, this post is old. Amy did put up an intarsia video. I still don’t know about machine knitting though. :shrug:

:doh: I should have looked at the date. :teehee: