Intarsia knitting cast-on

I found the video on this site about the intarsia method that was very helpful, but how do you cast-on two different colors? I have been doing long-tail cast-on, so wasn’t sure how to do that. Also, if you start in all the same color and then have the second color in the middle of your knitting, how do you start with the second color.

I just found this video the other day of two color long tail. :thumbsup:

When you start a second color “in the middle of your knitting” as you said, you just start knitting with the new color. You don’t do anything fancy. It will leave a bit of a hole but you fix that when you do the finishing by working in the tail in an artful way.

Right–you only cast on with the color that’s in use at the beginning of the pattern.

Some people tie the new color on, but I find that the knot likes to pop to the front just to be contrary. I start knitting with the new color, maybe twisting it in a stitch or two before, but if there is a hole there, it is easily closed with the tail.

Wow! Great YouTube video! Didn’t the knitter’s voice sound like our Amy? Wow! Talk about a voice-alike!