Intarsia knitting cast-on

Hi! I’m trying to make a simple scarf with some vertical stripes.

Problem is… I don’t know how to cast on! I want to do intarsia b/c it’s a scarf and will flip around so the back side needs to be pretty too. So I cast on a couple stitches of the first color… then I can cast on the next color, but they’re not attached! Does it come together later?

I would do a crocheted chain provisional cast on and then start knitting into that with the colors. You can at least twist the yarns as you pick up your stitches. This way you can bind off the live stitches in color and the two ends will match.

The back of the scarf won’t look exactly like the front when you do intarsia because you’re going to be able to see where you twisted the two colors to prevent holes. It’ll look neat–just not the same.

Another idea for vertical stripes is to knit the whole thing horizontally–much easier, less muss and fuss, depending on the look you’re going for.
Just a suggestion.

Thanks! I wanted to do it vertically with some ribbing because I like the Vs in the stockinette stitch.

well you could still do it stockinette if you knit it horizontal. and if you want some ribbing you could do say 4 rows in stockinette and then do 2 rows in knit stitch and then go back to stockinette. AND if you cut a tail at the end of each row (assuming you were changing color each row) you would have a built in fringe! :wink:

can’t wait to see what you do!