Intarsia in the round?

I took a colorwork class this weekend and really enjoyed it…with the exception that the designer all but said intarsia type colorwork cannot be done in the round ! I am a HUGE fan of knitting everything in the round or on circulars used as straights. The designer suggested I buy straight needles for the class so I did…and I HATE them.

Has anyone done intarsia type colorwork in the round ? Is it really that horrible ?

Intarsia IS best done flat. The reason is that the yarn is not carried around the work so when you’d come back to the pattern the yarn would be on the other side where you’d ended that segment.

That being said I have heard about work arounds. It was discusses here not to long ago I think so if you search the forum you can find the link.

ETA: I found the link-

Good point Jan - hadn’t thought about the fact that my yarn would be on the wrong side of the pattern when I came back around to it.

I prefer in the round projects as well so I know how you feel about seaming. If I ever do intarsia I probably will learn better though. :teehee:

I don’t think I could knit with straight needles, I just don’t like the balance and the feel of the needle. In addition, you can used circular needles as straight, knit to one end of the piece, turn the piece pick up the appropriate needle end and start knitting again.

Depending on the interchangeable needle set many come with a little button you can put on one end of the cable to make it into a “straight” needle.