Intarsia in the round?

I watched the video on intarsia knitting, but have never tried it. However, I’m knitting some baby pants and like knitting them on circulars. How does this work with the different colors? If I leave the strand hanging at the end of the colored section, it’s on the wrong end when I get back around to the start of the colored section.

So how do you knit in different colors on circulars??

I just recently asked something simular…and someone directed me to this video and it helped alot

Hope that helps!!

Generally, intarsia can’t be done in the round, unless both colors are carried through the pattern. Then there is a way to turn and slip and purl back, as explained here.

If you want to just make a picture motif of a separate color, then you run into the problem of ending up with the yarn in the wrong place, as you’ve discovered.