Im looking for a website that has a good tutorial for intarsia in the round…does anyone know of a good one?

Any books would help too. Thanks. :thinking:

Hmmm… I have an issue of Interweave Knits with an article all about intarsia in the round. On the cover, up in the top left corner it says “Learn to Knit Intarsia in the Round”! And the back issue is still in stock. :slight_smile:

I saw that…so, I gave my LYS a call and unfortunately they didn’t have any left of that specific issue…I just hate paying for shipping. Maybe I’ll give ebay a check. Thanks Silver.

A member of this site, Ingrid, is the local expert on intarsia in the round. She helped me with it once a while back. Feel free to ask any questions here and we’ll all do our best to help you out.


I’m hardly an expert, but I have done it and would be happy to help. The only place I’ve read about it is in a copy of Woolgathering which is a seasonal publication by . It’s in the latest issue and explains how to do it on the featured sweater. I adapted it to a sweater that I’ve been working on and it worked out great. The alternative in this case was to duplicate stitch. Yuck.

For what it’s worth, Ingrid, I still think you’re an expert!! :thumbsup:

You’re sweet. :oops:

Thanks you guys for your help…I foun brief instructions on the topic:

Intarsia In The Round
It was actually quite easy…I don’t undstand why it got such a bad rap, on so many sites?? :XX:

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I also ran accross this site too:

The site that I mentioned earlier describes this method differerntly that the one above. Does anyone know which one is better?

This is the way I’ve done it. I’ve done it on a sweater, on a circ, not on dpns. The slip/purl method worked out well and was easy to see. You do need a bit of experience, though, so you know what you’re looking at.

Hi all, This is my first post here. I am a fairly newbee knitter. I have made two sweaters so far. I don’t know much about intarsia in the round but did do a small bit of it (or fair isle) in knitting the sweater sampler in Jacqueline Fee’s Sweater Workshop book. There is a video on this web page that helped me a lot. It is called Two-Handed Fair Isle Knitting but she sure is knitting in the round. Hope it helps it did for me. Take care, Ro

I’m not sure of the actual difference between fair isle and intarsia. Anyone who does know please comment. I am eager to learn.

The difference between fair isle and intarsia is that fair isle goes all around the row and is often best done in the round so you can see the pattern all the way around, though it can be done back and forth. this is what is talked about in the Philosopher’s Wool book–their method of doing this using two hands.

Intarsia generally means that you have a motif or isolated pattern on a background. The problem with doing this in the round is that your yarn will not be where its supposed to be for the next round after you complete the first row of the motif. This is why intarsia is usually done back and forth. However on socks and such, being able to do intarsia in the round is an asset.

I hope this answers your questions.

Wow Ingrid! Thanks lots! Your explanation really does help. I prefer circular knitting and wanted to try to place a motif on a sweater front. I can see that I sure have lots to learn. Do you know of any books for Intarsia in the round. There sure isn’t as much info out there on circular knitting for beginners as for straight knitting. It’s hard to find. Thanks again, Ro

Ingrid, I’m wondeirng if this, method has the strands in the back of the work too. The one I’m using does and has a yo to connect the round. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

The directions on the god gloves have a brief explanation of intarsia in the round. Basically when you work in the round, one round is stranding the yarns across and the next is when you have to go back on the motif.

On the first round with the two colors, knit across as if you were stranding. As you come around on the next row, you’ll find that your cc yarn is at the end of the motif, not where it should be at the beginning. Here’s where the in-the-round steps come in. Knit your mc stitches and slip your cc stitches. When you get to the end of the motif, turn your work, bring your yarn forward and purl the cc stitches and slip the mc stitches. Then, slip the entire motif from needle to needle and you’re set to continue the row.

The only way I have seen this work, which doesn’t mean it IS the only way, is if both colors are across the motif. Otherwise there is a problem getting the mc across the motif on every other row.

I’m off to the dentist now :frowning: . If this doesn’t explain it clearly enough, please don’t hesitate to ask. :smiley: (thats me after the dentist!)

thanks ingrid, hope the denist visit went well…I absolutely HATE going to the dentist!

I ripped up my work and plan on starting again, using the slipping the stitch method…Hopefully that’ll make some difference.

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Ingrid, your help is needed, again…

Not much knitting was done the past two days, now I have half day free to knit (DH took the kids fishing). I started the slip method and came accross a problem, maybe you can put it perspective for me:

Round 2:

Knit main color stitches in main color to end of chart, slipping complimentary color stitches knitwise. Twist yarns. Turn work, slipping main color stitches purlwise and purling the unpurled stitches…Here’s what I don’t under stand…Drop complimentary yarn, turn work, and slip worked stitches onto right hand needle. Cont. in pattern.

How are you suppose to drop the stitches when it seems nothing is suppose to be dropped? and why do I have to slip the stitches I just doesn’t make sense to me :??

You don’t drop stitches. You drop the yarn, and turn your work back to the knit side. At this point you slip the motif back onto your right needle because your motif is done and the mc yarn needs to be at the end of your right needle.

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What a treat indeed. Im walking out the door right now with my yarn and suntan lotion. :XX:

Thanks Bunches!