Intarsia in the Round? Is it possible?

I am trying to design a tank top. I prefer to work in the round, but the design I am working on will have intarsia. I tried once before to do intarsia in the round, but couldn’t figure it out. Does anyone have ideas? Is this even possible?:think::shrug:

Generally, no.

The only way you can do intarsia in the round is if the main color is carried through on every row in the pattern–as maybe in a snowflake or something. Then you work across in your main color and slip the cc stitches; turn and slip the mc stitches and purl the cc stitches. Then turn and slip across to the end of the pattern. This will leave the cc stitches ready for the next row and bring your main color across the motif. So you need to do the slipping/purling every other round.

There is a sort of way to do it for regular intarsia, but it involves really making a seam in the side as you work. So you’re really working back and forth, but somehow connecting the first and last stitches as you go. I’m not really sure I know how to do that.

I do, you knit your first round, and then turn and purl back, but purling one stitch extra on each purl round, so you’re working back and forth, but connecting the 2 sides by working that one extra stitch each round. I’ve done it before on an itarsia sweater that I didn’t want to seam. Is that clear enough?

So is the seam or join or beg of round moving in a diagonal line up the sweater as you?

Well, I know you can do Fair Isle in the round! So I’d probably just do that :happydance: lol

Well, yes, but with the color changes, you won’t even know you did that. It’s completely invisible, unless you want it to be visible, like on a sweater I did a few years ago, I had half of the sweater green and half white, but the change was running diagonally up the sweater, but the way I described, you won’t have a problem at all.

Thanks so much, Contiknitter!! I think I understand. I will have to try it.