Intarsia in circular needles

Im starting a poncho from the Viva Poncho book. It is cast on circular needles but combine vertically 2 colors. I was OK in the first round, but then I didn’t know what to do and the pattern does not have any tips.

Its like this: I cast on 100 st. Knit 10 rows, and in the 11th row, after making 10 st, I have to M1 p-w, with the other color, and knit 10 st again with the main color. So… by the next row, I will have the yarn at the end of every section, since the work is on circular needles… SO What should I do???

Im thinking in knitting it as an openwork… but I dont want to! There has to be something in this pattern I can undestand.


I don’t know if this will work with your pattern since I can’t see it, but it is possible in some cases to knit intarsia in the round.

The first round, as you found out, is not problem, but now your yarn is in the wrong place, right?

Since it is only one stitch from what I see, just turn the work around and purl the contrasting color. The main color can be stranded across the back.

It’s hard for me to picture this for only one stitch, let me know if this works.

the pictures!!! Thanks Ingrid!!! I was working in the pictures to explain myself a little better… so… here they are.

OK, I see now that you will have to increase the number of contrasting color stitches. You could do this in the round only if you strand the yarn not in use behind the color that is in use. You’ll have to trap it every few stitches to avoid creating large loops inside. Just keep it stretched out on your needle to avoid puckers. It will end up being double thick and very warm, which is either a good or bad thing, depending what you’re looking for.

If you want it to be done intarsia, you’ll have to knit it flat, in my experience.

So it was as i thought. :frowning:

Its a pitty the pattern does not especifies this simple detail…

since yesterday Iwas thinking in continue it open, cause really en México, there is no need for a super warm poncho, not even in the coldest days…

Thank you so much for the wise Ingrid!!!

So… I must start knitting!!!