Intarsia - I FINALLY DID IT!

It’s not quite a FO yet, but the intarsia part is done after MUCH frogging. (I think this makes the 5th attempt at this flap) I know it’s not perfect or anything, but I’m pretty freakin excited nonetheless, and Laura will get her now one month overdue birthday present after all. :wink:


Oh how wonderful! That looks great!

WOW!! You’ve inspired me!! I’ve been a bit afraid of getting too frustrated with it–but I’m going for it! GREAT JOB!

It looks fantastic to me! :smiley:

Looks great! My try wasn’t successful, but I’ll try again soon!

Looks good! Did you carry your blue yarn across the back? :??

thanks everyone!!! :slight_smile:

ingrid, i did wind up carrying the blue and the yellow across the back for the star. most of the attempts, i started doing new strands for each “section” of the blue and star, and i wound up with absolute spaghetti and was still messing it up. i re-watched the intarsia episode of knitty gritty and that’s where i saw the carrying, so i opted for that. not as nice on the back, of course, but it worked! watching amy’s video a LOT really helped too, but the thing about the right and left decreases didn’t click until last night and that was a huge help too.

The back of intarsia never looks all that good, anyway–it’s the front that counts, and it looks great! :thumbsup:

:cheering: Great job :cheering:

Fantastic intarsia!! I love how the points of the star bend or curl…or do whatever it is they’re doing!

Awesome accomplishment! I haven’t tried intarsia yet…not quite brave enough yet. I know that eventually I’ll come across a pattern that makes me decide I MUST do it.

It looks great! I always love the colors you pick.


Great job! I’m too scared to try intarsia or fair isle on my own, so I’m going to take two classes in May at my LYS. I hope my instarsia looks as good as yours!

As someone who still hasn’t braved Intarsia or Fair Isle, I think it looks GREAT! Congrats!!

Awesome! great work!

My one and only attempt at intarsia didn’t turn out, so I’m completely in awe… it looks fab! :thumbsup:

Yours is terrific. I just tried doing this for the first time and no one could tell what my picture was!!! OY. I will post it and see if anyone here can recognize it. I think the back of yours looks great too. Neat. I did the carry along and it’s not so great looking. Hard to do, lots of patience needed…and you Succeeded!!! Way to go!!! Your nie :XX: ce will love her new pretty sweater with the wonderful star!

:thumbsup: Looks great!

Congratulations! It looks wonderful!