Intarsia help!

Ok I watched the video and I understand how to knit with two strands. I don’t understand how to cast both strands on in the beginning…furthermore what if the second color doesn’t come into the pattern until later on…I.e. if I have a solid block of color and then a skull pattern higher up.

Please help, I’m making a scarf for a friend who’s dog just passed on and I want to have it done sooner rather than later.

Thank you all…


You don’t cast on with both colors. Cast on with whatever color starts the pattern and then add your contrasting color when it shows up on the chart.

my one and only intarsia project actually called for the CO to be done in pattern, so it mandated the cable or knit-on cast on be used. it was like 20 st MC, 4 st CC, 4 st MC, etc… i took this to mean when i was ready for a color change, i just knit-on casted on with the new color instead of the old… i don’t even know if i did that right! ingrid?

Sean–If I remember correctly, your stripe started in the beginning, so you would have to cast on with two colors. So many intarsia patterns just have the motif somewhere farther up the pattern, so you’d start with just one color in that case.

oh, i gotcha, you were saying for her not to because her motif was later in the pattern. sorry. thanks! :slight_smile: