Intarsia baby blanket

Hi All,
I am going to knit the “Dream Catcher” baby blanket by Spud and Chloe. Instead of doing the individual blocks and then having to sew them all together, I am thinking of doing the blanket in intarsa? A few questions: how do I cast on??? In the separate colors or cast on all the stitches in one color, purl back and then start the intarsia? What are your thoughts on doing a blanket all in intarsia?? Too much work??? Thanks in advance for all your responses. :wink:

I think it is doable. Too much work? I don’t know. You would have to change the pattern stitch you are using in each block. That would either keep you awake or drive you crazy. :lol:

For the cast on edge I think I would start with the border color and work the few rows of border and then introduce the colors for the blocks. You could then end the blanket with the rows of border again. Then all you would have to do is pick up stitches along each side and do those two borders.

You would only be juggling 5 colors at a time, with those 5 colors changing with each row of blocks.

Someone asked the designer about making the blocks in strips instead of individual blocks, and then sewing the strips together. She said that would work fine too. So there are several options. It is up to you which way you think you would enjoy working most.

Thank you so much for your quick and thoughtful response. I did try knitting the blanket in strips but I did not like the way it looked-which is why I thought of the intarsia. I love your idea of knitting a few rows and then starting the intarsia. I am going to do that and grab my needles and get started right away. Again, thank you so much for the wonderful ideas…you are a gem!!!:muah:

I hope you will be happy with the result you get this time. I noticed the original blanket on the blog didn’t look perfect in every detail, but overall it was very pleasing to the eye.

I do not know the blanket. But a baby blanket with intarsia? Will you have “back side string”? I would not like that in the least on a baby-thing… too many chances to get fingers, toes or any toy caught in it.

You can of course do the blanket with a fabric back side, if you like. Just double the back (and attach in places) for a smooth backing.

The advantage of a blanket in squares / pieces is the mobility of the knitting. You will not carry a whole big bag around with you - inside your house or elsewhere…

and in the summer I would not want to have SO MUCH fabric on my lap all the time. Squares are small, handy, and don’t make you hot.

Yes, the sewing in will be work. That is true.

I am facing my first blanket project myself - as soon as the wool get here (I ordered). But I chose squares for just those reasons! (And that blanket just LOOKS great!)

Hi Hyperactive!
Thanks for your reply to my intarsia baby blanket question. I, too, am very concerned about having too much yarn in my lap while knitting a blanket. This is why I chose the Dream Catcher by Spud and Chloe. It is done in squares also, but I want the sewing up of the squares to look a little better than the photo shows. This is why I am thinking of intarsia. With intarsia, you wind yarn bobbins for each color change and twist the yarns at the color change so there aren’t lots of strings or yarn floats in the back so the baby’s fingers and toes are safe. You can find a picture of the Dream Catcher blanket on the “Spud and Chloe” website if you want. Which blanket are you going to knit once your yarn arrives???

I took a look at the blanket, you want to make. Nice thing, that blanket.

But if you did intarsia then you would knit the whole blanket in one piece. No string in the back, though, since the color changes are so far appart, that you would use a seperate ball of yarn for every square, right? So then, this is a possibility.

But then you have the whole stuff in your lap at once. Or am I missing something here?

Well, to your question: I am doing this blanket here, soon:

In the size shown it has 20 squares. I will only make 9 squares and therefore get about a 3 foot square. That seems a good size for a baby. The edging might become a little wider on mine and I am going to cast off with I-cord, just to make a change :smiley:

But generally that is it.

there are 4 different square patterns given. Each gets sewn in in 2 different directions. So by doing each one twice I will have 8 squares that are different from one another. 4 times really different, and then turned by 90 degree.

That leaves 1 square I have to do. And for that one I have a special idea:

I will make the rest of the blanket now. Just except that one square. I have about 6 month until the baby shows up anyways, so lots of stuff will get my way anyways :wink: They do not want to know ahead of time if it will be a boy or girl. And until the kid is really there I will not be sure they don’t change the name. But once the kid is born, I will design that last square:

I will put the initials of the baby or the first name (depending on the length of it!) in a pattern (maybe cable / strand work or knit/purl type, maybe linnen stitch… I will see.) That will be the last part of the blanket and therefore will be a very personal gift for the child.

By preparing everything else and maybe even the basic pattern for the “name square”, like a general design and a border pattern, I can be done with the whole thing before time and then be quick with the blanket once the kid is there.

children love structures in blankets / fabrics / toys. They run their fingers over them, feel them on the skin and investigate lines of all sorts. I think this blanket will be a grand experience for the kid.

I take the original wool (wool and alpaca), and the lady that sends it says the description is right: wonderfully soft, cuddly and warm. I know it is a washing issue. But the mother of that kid is very caring for such things as handmade objects and knitting in particular. She got the choices from me: mashine wash or real wool, dark or light color to match the other things in the baby room, and knowing what she was getting into she chose light color and wool.

She does not know the pattern, just the parameters.

If I have enough yarn left over I will make the matching teddy bear to go with this blanket. Just as an extra and to look cute.

Hi again, Hyperactive,
Your baby blanket is gorgeous. What a very lucky baby who receives this masterpiece! I love your ideas, especially about adding the baby’s name or initials to really make the blanket even more special. I think the i-cord would look very nice on the blanket, also.
Enjoy the knitting process of this beautiful blanket. Its a sure fire home run for the lucky baby and parents.

Another thing to consider when making an intarsia baby blanket is to make two sides. I did this and then knit a border on them, joining the two.

that is a great idea, ingrid. But I personally would be horrified by the double amount of work :slight_smile:

That’s why I have the idea to back an intarsia blanket with a quilted backside. I have seen blankets a lot that have this backing and they look great.

But of course if you are a patient knitter: making 2 blankets of that style and joining them with the border is marvelous!
how did you join? picked the stitches up through both blankets? Or did you knit the borders on each and did kitchener stitch? My favorit would be the latter IF I had to do this.

I picked up stitches through both blankets and knit the border. I put some stitches through both sides of the blanket to hold it together. It was a baby blanket for Amy:

I don’t think I took a pic of the back, though. It was just stockinette squares and rectangles to kind of match up to the sections on the front, joined with cream yarn of the border.

Wow! That is a REALLY nice blanket! Lucky kids!
That has a lot of stranding done in the back, I guess. A backing was definitely needed there.
Great work! And awesome design you made of the pieces.

Stranding is very different from intarsia. You don’t carry strands across the back for intarsia, but drop and pick up colors, kind of intertwining them at color changes. But a busy intarsia project like Ingrid’s would have some stuff on the back side that would not be real attractive. That is why she put the backing on it. But the Dream Catcher idea would not look bad in the back, it would just have some neat intertwining at the vertical edges of the color blocks.

Yes, the back was a mess and a half!