Intarsia/Argyle help

Hey everyone! I’m working on my first intarsia project, a pair of argyle socks. Here’s a link to an argyle chart (though not the exact one I’m using) so you can kind of see what I’m talking about.

I have knit until where the two different colored diamonds finally meet, and so for one row (it’s two rows in the chart I linked to, but only one in my chart) the main background color is not used. Am I supposed to cut the yarn for the main background color at this point, and reattach it in the next row? Or can I just leave it for that row and then pick it up again the next row?

I’ve only done Fair Isle up to this point, so intarsia is a whole new thing for me. I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Leave it. Intarsia has enough ends as it is.

So I can just keep the strand connected and knit on??? :slight_smile:

Totally. And congrats on starting argyle socks! Are you rockin’ your own pattern or following one? I just turned the heel on mine and started the gusset. It’s a bit tricky keeping the argyle pattern going past through the gussets. You HAVE to post pics! Maybe we should start a KAL?