Intarsia and Faire Isle

Is it ok to mix faire Isle and Intarsia knitting?

There are no knitting police so you can do whatever you want. :teehee:

Personally… it sounds like a nightmare to me though. :lol: All those yarns… :zombie:

Just an experience to share… I was doing an intarsia lizard on the front of a little sweater and there were places where I thought I could just strand (Fair Isle if you will) across to avoid too many balls. It worked but when I got the whole lizard done I was not happy with any of the parts where I had done mixed stranding and intarsia. So I never finished the sweater. I wanted to take the whole lizard out and do it over-- all intarsia with no cheating. But I’ve never gotten around to it. It may have just been something about the way I did it, tension or such, but I [U]think[/U] it was a bad idea on my part.