Instructons missing wording?

I just started a more simpler sweater for my speed.

On the final row of working body back front it says to repeat until you have 55 cm. Question- repeat what? Row 1, row 2 or both?

Can anyone tell by the pattern which rows I am repeating.

To me it looks like you are going to continue the pattern by knitting row 1 9 times and then knit row 2 once

According to the picture of the sweater, the front and back start with ribbing and then continue in garter stitch.

So you should repeat Row 2 until the whole length is 55cm.


Thanks @knitcindy I was wondering the same thing the more I read. Thank you!

Looking at the sweater again i have to say that i was wrong and that i have to agree with @knitcindy that row 2 should be repeated. Sorry:smiley: