I have instructions that I need to clarify:
Originally I had 157 sts. The instructions read after that Dec 1 st at each end of next 5 rows, then on foll 4 alt rows, then on for 4th row until 137 sts are left.
I decreased 1 st at each end of next 5 rows and that left me 147 sts. Now I am making an assumption that I have to decrease 10 more stiches- 1 on each 4th row but I don’t understand what it means foll 4 alt rows. Does it mean every 8th row? If I alternate rows I end up decreasing 1 st only on the right side and being that this is the back of a sweater and I am making decreasing for the armholes, I most likely need to decrease evenly on both sides. Can some one help, please?
thank you.

I’m reading it as “then decrease one stitch at each end of every other row, four times”, which still leaves you with 139 st. I’m not sure how to interpret “then on for 4th row”

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Yes, decrease every row for 5 rows (-10sts) then every other row 4 times (-8sts) as Ouisi suggested. Then dec on the following 4th row (-2sts). That’ll be 20 sts decreased
So decreases are on rows 1,2,3,4,5, then rows 7,9,11,and 13 and finally, row 17.


Thank you. That is exactly what I did.