Instructions unclear, any help?

I want to make the Mossy Mushroom & Olives shawl by Kirsten Kuhnert. I’m however, not sure what is meant in the third part of the instructions, mainly where I an supposed to pick up the stitches and the part in blue about sewing the ends closed. Any insight is much appreciated.

The best thing to do is take it section by section as you’re knitting. It will make more sense than just taking the last section out of context. So start knitting and ask for help as you need it.

Yes, this will become clear as you get to it. Basically you can pick up sts wherever you would like to have the feather and fan ruffle. You’ll just need to plan out where you can easily pick up a multiple of 18 sts plus 2 edge sts on each end.
To stitch the right and left ends of the ruffle down to the shawl you can either sew them down when you’re finished or k2tog (a ruffle stitch and a shawl stitch) at the beginning and at the end of a row.
Lovely looking shawl. Feather and fan is always fun to knit, too.