Instructions on this pattern


I am going to paste a link below of this pattern for lace trimmed towels.

It does not specify, or at least I cannot understand, if I need special yarn for the edging that is different than the rest of the towel??

Please let me know what you think.

Thank you!!

From the sound of it, it just sounds like you need 100% cotton yarn, nothing else, plus with the finishing directions (“Weave in all yarn tails to wrong side of work. Block. Pin edging to 1 end of towel; thread sewing needle with matching thread, and attach edging to towel with overcast stitch. Remove all pins.”), you’re sewing the newly knitted yarn to the fabric of the towel.

That’s my understanding. I could be wrong.

ETA: I’d wait to see what someone else says before listening to me. :smiley: I started a few weeks ago, and might not know all the knitting secrets.

This is a pattern for only the edging that you add onto towels that you already have bought. It looks like you could use it on terrycloth or cotton or any fabric towel. You could use it on a towel you knit yourself but that would be a separate pattern.
The different edgings are a nice idea. Thanks for the link.

Thank you so very much. That’s what I was wondering because it only kept mentioning the edging. You are right, this is a great idea to add onto towels I already have or new ones!!