Instructions on Knitting Pattern

I have a knitting pattern for a jumper which is fairly loose fitting. I am trying to decide which size to make, but not sure about something. It specifies finished bust size XS 34" and finished bust size S 38".
Then there’s a note: Measure yourself before you begin. (10 -15 cm of positive ease is built into the pattern).
I think that means if I knit the XS size (I am a 34) I can expect the jumper to end up 10-15cm larger than that to give it the loose fit. Not quite sure, but don’t want to get it wrong! If any of you are good at interpreting these thing please let me know.

What is the name of your pattern?
When the pattern tells you the finished bust size, that’s the actual measurement of the finished sweater. So if the finished bust size of the sweater is 38" and you’re a 34 then that would give you 4 inches of positive ease.

Thank you. This is the pattern, attached as pdf, and I appreciate your thoughts on this!


(Attachment The+Evermore+Sweater.pdf is missing)

Very nice!

In that case, I better knit the S 38" to achieve the loose fit.

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Yes, that’ll give you the finished size of 38" after blocking as the Ravelry site states. I hope we get to see a photo of the finished sweater!