Instructions of a pattern help, thanks

im having trouble understanding the instructions for a lion brand yard sweater pattern. “row 1 knit 1, ssk knit 6, join second skein, bind off two stitches knit to the last 3 stitches knit 2 together and knit one on each side” what do they mean by that. thank you.

i did the first row, followed the instructions the way it says, the next row is a pearl, and i did that, now what do i do on the third row, do i follow the first row exactly the same way because when i did it that way, i had one side very long and the other side very short.

If you have the link to the pattern, that would help us find it to review and gives a better chance to get an answer to your question.

the pattern is from a free pamphlet from Joann’s

"Front: Cast on & work as for Back until 20(22,24) sts rem, end with WS row. Shape Neck.
Next row: K1,ssk,k6(7,8), join 2nd skein. Bind off 2sts,k to last 3 sts,k2tog,k1-8(9.10) sts each side Next row: Purl. Working both sides at same time with seperate skeins, continue in St st & raglan armhole shaping as for Back. At same time, bind off 1 each neck edge 3(3,4) times. Bind off 2 sts. "


Next row: K1,ssk,k6(7,8), join 2nd skein. Bind off 2sts,k to last 3 sts,k2tog,k1-8(9.10) sts each side

So you have 20 stitches at the beginning of this row. K1, do a ssk which uses 2 stitches and then knit 6 more. Now leave that yarn hanging there and take another ball of yarn (or the other end of that skein or whatever works) and cast off the next 2 stitches in the row (that will mean you knit 2 and lift the first one over and off the end of the needle, then knit another st and lift the first of those two over and off the needle). Now knit until you have 3 stitches left in the row and then K2tog and k1. That last part

-8(9.10) sts each side
is just telling you the results at the end of that whole row. You will have 8 stitches on each side of the gap where you bound off the 2 stitches.

From there on you work the 2 sides with separate balls of yarn. Some people like to work back across the row and then go to the other side and do that side all the time. Sometimes I get myself mixed up that way and prefer to work one side and then the other, following the instructions two times, once for each side. Do whichever way makes it easiest for you.

Keep doing the raglan shaping just like you did in the back on the armhole side and in the front bind off 1 stitch at each neck edge 3 times. That will mean you do it every other row. You will want to do the bind offs at the beginning of the rows so on one side you will do them on the right side of the piece and on the other side do them on the wrong (purl) side.

thanks alot ill relay it to my grandma, she wants to thank u for your help and ill update this if it works out or not, thanks

yeh your instructions helped her alot , thank you very much.

Thank you for the update on how it is is going. You are welcome for any help we could give.