Instruction help

hi everyone, my name is trudy and I’m trying to teach myself to knit. This is my very first attempt and I don’t know anyone else who knits. I tried to pick a simple pattern to start with but want to be sure what the instructions mean before i get started. I’m making a baby blanket. one part of the instructions say that the pattern stitch is (multiple of 20 sts + 2) then it proceeds to tell me what to do for each row. but then the next part of the directions say Afghan Strips - make 4- CO 62 sts work in patt until piece meas 40 inches. If I am casting on 62 sts then why does it say that the pattern is 20 sts + 2?? Help

Multiple of 20+2 means you can use any multiple of 20 stitches, depending on how wide you want your piece, and then add 2. So this afghan is using (20x3) +2. Whatever instructions you have for the 20 stitches- you repeat those instructions for stitches 21-40 and 41-60.

thanks carey, I think i get it.

The multiple of 20 +2 sts is the stitch pattern that repeats across the row. Casting on 62 sts means you’ll repeat the pattern 3 times.