Instruction help

Lady Knitters…please help a newbie understand what ‘Turn and add three stitches’ means?

Thanks for your help…

Can you post a little more of the pattern for context? It’s a bit hard to help with just that line. If it’s a free online pattern, you can just post a link rather than typing it out.

I would take that to mean to turn and cast on 3 new stitches. This is best done with the knit or cable cast ons.

Carey and Sue…many thanks.

The pattern is for a vest, am at the v-neck junction

‘K2 tog, turn: add three sts loosely, turn: with second yarn , K3, SSK, etc.’

Does that help?

I think Sue is right, it probably means turn your knitting around as though at the end of a row, cast on 3 stitches, then turn again and knit across those three stitches. Then you’ll join the 2nd ball of yarn for the rest of the instructions.