Instruction help please

I’m knitting a V-neck shell. Starting with 46 sts. I’m at the neck edge. Work 3 rows dec 1 st at neck edge in next and every foll alt row AT SAME TIME inc 1 st at sleeve edge in every row. Need to end with 47 sts. I just can’t understand how I can get to 47 sts in 3 rows. It looks like I decrease 2 times and increase once??? I only get to the sleeve edge once don’t I? Thanks for any help.

Dec at the neck edge on the next row and [I]every other row[/I] 3 times only. But inc 1 st at sleeve edge on [I]every[/I] row until you have 47 sts. That takes as many rows as you need, just stop the decs on the neck edge after you’ve increased 3 sts there.