Instruction help Please and thank you

my pattern reads [work 11 rows even;work Dec row] 3 times and at the same time [work 7 rows even;Dec 1 each side of next row]3 times

so I followed the pattern as I read it… working 11 rows then the dec row … following another set of decreases there are 58 stitches remaining which is correct… however the work measure 2.5 inches longer than it should… Where did I go wrong???

Hi and welcome!
What pattern are you making? Can you give us a link to it please or a pattern name?
Can you check your row gauge (number of rows per 4 inches) and see how it compares with the pattern row gauge?

I can’t figure how to interpret this, assuming it is as written in the actual pattern.

my pattern reads [work 11 rows even;work Dec row] 3 times [B]and at the same time[/B] [work 7 rows even;Dec 1 each side of next row]3 times

How do you read it? To me it’s saying to work decrease rows every 12th row [B]and at the same time[/B] work decreases every 8 rows. :whoosh:

Yes, knowing what the pattern is would be a big help.

I am knitting a pattern called woodland diamonds from “Knitters” magazine winter edition.

I think in terms of the tension I’m okay.

Thank you for taking the time to help. I’m an intermediate knitter but this pattern is really testing my skills. :slight_smile:

Yup, perfectly opaque to me too.

Thanks for the link, GG.
For the pattern itself it seems that there is a decrease row which is worked every 12 rows and also a shaping that happens at the edges every 8 rows.
But your question is about the length. Can you give us the [U]instructions[/U] for the Dec row and the [U]number[/U] of sts on the needle before you start the decreases? You should end all the decreases with 58sts, is that correct? Also, what is the [U]row[/U] [U]gauge[/U] in the pattern and what row gauge are you getting?

Exactly where in the pattern are you?

I am knitting the back and have completed all the shapings to where I should have 58 stitches left- which I do. I have checked my tension and it is correct, I am using the right size needles and the exact wool used. The piece should measure 15.5 inches at this point and mine measures close to 19 inches. :frowning:

You might try emailing them. Something about those instructions just seems wrong to me.

Can you give us the instructions for the Dec row
might help.

The instructions sound like they are for two different things, a decrease across the row and a shaping at each edge.
I’m still curious about the directions for the Decrease row and the number of sts before the decreases start.
Looking around, I don’t see any errata for this pattern.

I didn’t find errata either, but you did find it on Ravelry. I’m glad. I’m thinking the decreases rows are counted separately and worked at the same time. I’ll be glad to know the answer to this, finally.

With the gauge shown on Ravelry, 12 stitches and 15 rows = 4 inches in Stockinette stitch over larger needles, I think that working the second set of decrases after the first set is done should result in it being more than 2.5 inches too long. :shrug:

dec row is - [knit to 3 before marker,k2tog,k1,sm,k1,SSK] twice, knit to end - 4 stitches decreased

And thank you for the tip to e-mail, I will do so.

So the decrease row for shaping is every 12 rows repeated 3 times. That should take about 10 inches. Assuming your row gauge is correct, check that you started the decrease rows at the correct point. It sounds like they should be centered at the waist of the sweater.