Instruction fo raglan sweater - ALL sizes


I just stumbled across this instruction:

has anyone tried this?
there were ravelry-projects for this, here:

I might try it soon, since I need to make a hello kitty pullover for a 3.5 year old (my god daughter).

I’ve seen other pattern ‘generators’ like it - the Knitting fool site and at Woolworks.

I use the woolworks one, constantly! it’s my most used “pattern”. I have my own quirky tweaks and everything! everyone I love has a sweater I have knit from this pattern/recipe/concept.

thanks for the other links. Seems that printing mine was not so easy (you need to subscribe to the service it seems).

I will need to make a few pieces soon that have no pattern yet.

therefore I was looking for a straight pullover, preferably raglan, that I can “project” the pictures on.
One pullover will be for my 3.5 year old god daughter, presenting hello kitty in all her beauty. (I will get cramps from the amount of pink, I bet).

Then I need to make a pullver (maybe sleeveless, though) in the shape of Sponge Bob. I acutally mean: the shape of (just a square pullover that presents Sponge Bob. My god son will llove me forever, I hope… well, he already does.

Maybe for that project the raglan is less optimal. I will look for a nice sleeveless pattern in my magazines. He is 8 now so I will make it for the size of about 9 years old and he can wear it for a bit.

Of course I will post pictures as I am done - sometime this fall, I bet.

Sure, for Sponge Bob, just make two squares and sew together, or start at the lower back, knit up to the shoulders, cast off middle sts for the neck, then cast on again for the front (or you might do some increasing to make a V neck) and work down to the lower front. You still would seam the sides. Pick up sts for the sleeves, or cast them on to the back as you get to the right spot for them.

@suzee: that may be what I will do. But I think I might knit the 2 squares / rectangles seperately and seam the shoulders. That is just more my thing, I guess. I am just wondering about a good fit around the arm holes, so I will look at some patterns for how many centimeters I will have to give in on each side for a nice fit.

but it will have to be square, for shure.

the bottom has to be the pants, of course, then the colar and tie and then the whole rest of the front is yellow with those spots and the FACE of course. That will be some fun knitting in stranding and intarsia mostly, but why not. I do that rarely these days, I should really make these projects just because!

the back gets a similar bottom part, then just yellow with the spots. - or maybe I will make another facial expression on the back, just because it is cute - then he could wear the pullover either way around (with a boat cut neck so he can turn it symetrically)

Try this:

There is every variety of sweater you could think of :happydance: The numbers (eg 18x24) is your gauge. There’s a note on the page somewhere.

I’ve tried one of the top-down raglan sweater generators, but for my 3 year old it didn’t quite work right. It took the neck size as the starting point to generate the number of stitches. But a 3 year old’s head is much bigger compared to their body than an adult. So if it fits their neck, you cant get it over their head :thud:

The neck size isn’t the one that’s up close around the neck, but where you want the [I]neckline[/I] to be, which is down around the collarbone more. Though young kids do have huge heads in proportion to the rest of them, so you’re probably better making a V neck or a placket for their sweaters.

Hi Rosey!

thanks for that link. I will surely get back to it for future reference.

Spongebob has started his “process of becoming” and there is a thread about my progress in the “What’cha knitting” section. You can all watch me struggle there :smiley:
more projects will come, though, so I always need patterns!