Instruction Confusion-Icord at top of baby hat

I am new to knitting and a little confused at the moment…I’m near the end of my hat (top) with 4 stitches remaining on needle, the Instructions say to “Knit 3.5’’ of I-Cord over the 4sts left.”

I’m not sure if they mean start an Icord with those stitches that are remaining or create a separate Icord and then attach to the remaining stitches… the videos I’m finding online are showing the Icord for edging but I want it at the top of a hat. Gah! :wall:

What do I do?


Just take the 4 remaining sts and start working I cord with them.
To do it, start with the knit side facing you, and knit across, then slide the same needle back to the other end and knit across. Slide the needle again and knit again. Keep goinf until it’s 3½" long.

I’m sorry for such beginner questions! Thank You very much! :slight_smile:

No problem, never apologize. Sometimes it’s hard to translate something that’s shown one way into how to do the same thing from a different start.