Instruction Books

What is the best all round book for knitting instructions? I used to have the “Reader’s Digest Book of Knitting” but lost it.
Most of them seem to lack essentials - The “Big Book of Knitting” is translated from German, and can be difficult. I have yet to find one to recommend for beginners that has, for instance, how to embark on circular knitting with clear photo or drawing of joining and knitting the first round.The Sally Melville books are good but poorly organized - instructions scattered throughout. Would love some opinions/suggestions.

“Knitting for Dummies” is pretty good IMO. I use it as a reference from time to time if I don’t have access to this site.

I highly recommend “Vogue Knitting Ultimate Knitting Book”.

Another more portable book that I take with me in my knitting bag is “The Knitting Answer Book.”

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I also like the Knitting Answer Book. I get it from the library whenever I have the need.
Another book I love is anything by the Knitting Harlot. She gives a nice lot of general instructions for really easy things like hats and scarfs and even for a very easily knit sweater (but not necessarily patterns, perse).
Also I like her insights into the world of knitting. She can be quite irreverent… LOL!
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I have a book called Teach Yourself Visually knitting that I like a lot and use as a reference. It has a few patterns also. I also have The Big Book of Knitting (well, it’s not [I]that[/I] big) that is even more in-depth as far as seaming / finishing instructions. I’d vote for either of those.

I use the book A to Z of Knitting the Ultimate Guide for the Beginner to Advanced :muah:Great pictures and covers just about everything.

Another vote for the Knitting Answer Book. Actually, I like it best as a good all around reference book that is small enough to fit in your knitting bag. I’ve referred to it every time I’ve grafted the toe of a sock!

i’m going to vote for stitch and bitch!

I have to ditto the [B]Teach Yourself Visually[/B] book. I spent years trying to help my mom understand knitting. Even when I showed her, she just couldn’t get it. She still wouldn’t give up. I bought her this book and she finally understood. She recently finished her very first project!

I also found [B]The Knitter’s Bible[/B] to be a great resource. It got me beyond straight knitting like scarves. It has also been the inspiration for most of the designs I’ve created myself.

I forgot about Stitch N Bitch - that is a great reference, and so fun to read! I learned how to tell if a stitch was seated correctly (not twisted) on the needle by her diagrams of stitches with little faces riding a needle…LOL!

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I have only been knitting since August and, when I started, I also bought [B]Teach Yourself Visually: Knitting[/B]. I am visual learner, so the pictures really helped me. I feel like it covers ALL of the basics for pretty much all of the techniques you are going to come across. I later purchased [B]Teach Yourself Visually: Sock Knitting[/B] in order to learn some mroe specific techniques that are just for socks, but I love that book just as much. I continue to go back to my [B]Teach Yourself Visually[/B] books any time I need a refresher on the basics, so I HIGHLY recommend it.