Instarsia question

Hi, all. I’m new to knitting and to this forum. I have a question about a pattern I’m currently working on.
About 10 rows into the section I’m working on, I’m supposed to begin following an intarsia chart. I watched Amy’s video and I understand how to change colors and cross the strands on a work already in progress. But how do I add new colors on that first row of the chart? I tried following instructions from a book and my work turned out pretty funny looking. Thanks!

Welcome. This must be intarsia day as someone else just asked this question. It’s a common one, too.

Some say that it’s ok to just tie the new color on. There is a site dedicated to intarsia that says that, and Kaffe Fassett, who has books on the subject just ties. I’ve done it, and it works ok.

You can also catch the end of the new color a few stitches before the color change so the first color stitch looks more like a regular stitch. Just kind of twist the new color in with the back of the old color.