Installing "LIFELINES" Question

Hi’ya! :waving:

Do you have any tips for installing lifelines in the row?

I have been taking a lifeline threaded onto a tapestry needle and weaving it into the stitches across the row that is on the needle.

[B]This is slightly unsatisfactory because the needle will[/B] [B]slightly split the yarn[/B]…and on the next knitting row…I have to pull the lifeline out and re-install it! Very slow work!

[B]Is there a technique that allows me to install the lifeline AS I AM KNITTNG THE ROW???[/B]

I think I saw something about that this past year here a KH…but can’t remember where or who posted.


If you’re using interchangeables, you can put a piece of thread in the hole and knit with that in place. I’ve also read of people taping the lifeline to the needle and knitting with it that way.

Hi Ingrid! :waving: Yes, that technique is what I now remembering reading somewhere! I will try both. PS: I am using KP Options.

I googled ‘lace knitting lifelines’…and guess where google sent me??? Right here to KH and Amy’s video! TeeHee.

If I can’t master the techniques you mentioned…I will switch to fatter tapestry needle. It may be less likely to split a hair or two of my splitty yarn!

Thanks again!

Have you tried using a curved needle?

Hello Mrs Davis!:waving:

Didn’t think of that! Does the gold-colored tapestry needle with the bent tip count as a curved needle? I have some of those. They are CHIBI needles by Clover. Anyhoo, that is my next attempt!

That, and the trying to insert my DMC cotton perle into the hole of the circ. Here is the lifeline that I am using. Can you see the DMC cotton perle there under the stitches on the needle?

I’ve had trouble with split yarn also but in actual fact you really don’t need to worry really do you. If you need to pull back to that point the yarn loop is still there. That said, I wanted to lessen that happening and I have found that laying the piece of knitting on the bed, pulling it down ever so slightly and running the tapestry needle along the knitting needle (as opposed to deliberately trying to catch loops) the best technique with mohair etc. I have been able to do almost 300 stitches without a snag if I do it that way. You can also lay the part on the needle on a small pillow so that the rest drapes down and that will help more as you pull slightly and make a better gap near the knitting needle.

If you are using circulars, I find it easier to move the knitting onto the cable portion and then threading the lifeline through. I am going to try the trick with the interchangables next time though

Well, using that CHIBI tapestry needle for my most recent lifeline SURE DID HELP!!! Yep, and I moved the work to the cable instead of the metal needle, and I was able to get the chibi under their throats easier!

Thanks one and all!!

I am done with about 8 repeats now! Yeah!! :cheering:

PS/FYI: I am too chicken to take out the lifelines as I move along. I’m keepin’ 'em all in there til this sucker it done! :eyes:

I used unwaxed dental floss and don’t usually have the split yarn problem.

I usually have the problem of knitting my lifeline. That [I]really[/I] stinks!

I finally got my ‘mantra’ down! Before beginning row 10…the last row of the repeat…the resting WS row, I am threading a piece of that DMC cotton perle into the little hole of my KnitPicks OPTION metal join…knit across the row…taking stitch markers OFF as I go…when row is done…just pull the needle and that pulls the cotton perle through the knitting!

On the next RS row #1, I re-install the two stitch markers.

I am going to get some non-waxed dental floss tonight at the store. Thinner but strong…and easier to thread through the hole…and cheaper! Thanks Jan!

It tends to be a little slippery so make sure the ends are long enough. Sometimes I knot the ends together lightly. I actually hadn’t thought of using the cotton thread… that seams like a good idea, too.

If you use splitring stitch markers with the lifeline, I think you could just move them up from row to row.

Good Idea! Thanks! :waving:

I haven’t knit any lace, but I’ve used the dental floss in the KP Options tightening hole trick for just regular knitting. I guess most people do not use lifelines for plain stockinette stitch… (I’m very cautious!) :rofl:

I tied the ends of the dental floss together so it couldn’t slip out, but I was knitting in the round. I guess if you are making something flat I would try to secure the ends somehow. It is nice to remove something so slippery as it doesn’t pull on the yarn you are knitting with, but if you aren’t careful it could self-remove.

BTW Artlady that is a gorgeous stitch marker!

Hi Laidabear! :waving: THANK YOU!!! Ya know…I never thought of that…installing a lifeline in non-lace knitting. Hmmm. I’m definitely gonna try that…especially for cabling! It is nuts to get the work back on the needles when you have to frog back to an error within, for example, a 20 st cable!

Glad you like my little stitch marker! I made it! Actually, a set of 10. The findings are sterling, but the bead is an inexpensive glass bead. Think I got a string of 50 for $3!

I made a set of 12 for my girlfriend as a gift: 4 pinks, 4 lt green, 4 lt blue.

I got on a ‘roll’ a few months ago and made a gob of stitch markers! We have a thread here at KH called Custom Stitch Markers. Lots of people contributed ideas to the thread, and we all had a great time!!

HERE is a link to the first page if you care to take a look-see!