Inspiring Men and Boys to Knit - GREAT vids

That sounds a little gender biased but a few KH’s have commented over the weeks about encouraging boys (in particular) to knit. I did post the Lego one on the OT forum but these three as a package are great.

The Untalkative Bunny is funny but shows the sharing aspect. The Real Men Knit Trailer speaks for itself (I wondered which airline one of them travels on tho!) and the Lego emphasises ingenuity:

Untalkative Bunny - The Knitting Circle

Real Men Knit Trailer

Lego Knitting Machine

That Real Men Knit trailer makes me want to run out and buy the video for my husband, four sons & grandson! Maybe it’s my age, but some of those guys seemed really hot to me!

This one is the Manly Art Of Knitting but two elements stand out perhaps;

Number one check out the man’s HUGE needles he made from pool cues to make a hammock.

And then listen to the Knitter’s Prayer at the end.

A lot of quiet joy in this I think…