Inspired by Feministmama

I loved the coffee bras and had to make a few of my own! I used the patterns from Stitch 'n Bitch for the wristbands and then made a few more using the stitches in my 365 stitches calendar.

:thumbsup: Those look awesome. :thumbsup:

Wow, those look great! I’ll have to knit some of those sometime too!

I like those a lot better! I didn’t like the little loopies for the handle and the novelty yarn. (No offense :heart: )

Did you use the same dimension as the SnB pattern or adjust it?

I adjusted the pattern. I kept one of the cardboard coffee bras and used it as a model (adjusting a little for stretchiness). I didn’t like the loopies either. Keep it simple is my thing!

Aw shucks. :blush: Thanks for thinking of me. DId you crochet some of those too? I like your designs. I’ll have to put my thinking cap and make some more too. maybe we can have a coffee bra revolution! And burn them in front of Starbucks! :lol: just kidding.

Woohooo! I’m in for a good old fashioned bra-burning! Lemme know when it’s on!