Can I just tell you all that I look at this forum for INSPIRATION? When I’m getting frustrated with what I’m knitting, I check out all the gorgeous FO’s, and I’m in awe of everyone’s talent!

Plus, I get so excited for when my “WIP” will become a “FO”…someday!

[size=1](Like all of you will need to see YET ANOTHER booga bag when it’s eventually finished…) [/size] :teehee:

I am in total agreement with you. Now if my WIP would just become FO’s. :slight_smile:

Keep on knittin’! That is what I tell myself - but I’m a slow knitter so my WIPs are WIPs longer than I want them to be!

LOL I love looking at Booga Bags! Bring it on! Have you already flashed a wip picture?

WIP it! WIP it good!

Sandy, you crack me up sometimes! :chair:


I am often inspired by things I see here as well. Sometimes though, I just end up with Devo songs running though my head! :roflhard:

Truthfully, I keep adding things to my list of things to knit. It’s all because of all the things i read about here.

So many beautiful and cool things!

Why thank you.

I am honored by your cracking. :teehee: