Inspiration needed

So my mum and I “swapped” yarn, cause we both had a couple of skeins left from yarn we already used to make tops.
She gave me some ribbon yarn in olive (it’s GGH Cascade in pea #8 ).
I have some coordinated ribbon yarn in my stash(Online “Street” pic)

Now I’m trying to figure out how to combine these two. I thought about making my own top/tank pattern…
Should I make it stripey? Should I use dropped stitches to show the yarn better?

So, anybody any ideas? Have you seen a pattern(or part of a pattern) that would suite these?

I LOVE the idea of elongated or dropped sts for that. SO pretty! But I also found these… (the one on the right) (lower left)

Im imagining something in an unusual shape, too, to really show off that yarn’s YUMMY DELICIOUSNESS!

OHHH I love the mult-colored ribbon yarn!

Here is a pattern I saved

I think the lana grossa simple tank that Kelly mentioned would look great with this yarn in alternating stripes.

Thanks for your help!
I think I will use the basic shape of the berocco pattern and alternate it a bit. It’s basic enough to be changed easily.