Inside Outside And Occasional Purls?

[b]Well my brainless puppy (pictured) came into my studio today with a wild hair and stole my bag off my desk and ran with it … when my daughter finally realized what he had and got it from him some of the stitches had fallen off and unraveled, one of the needles fell out and he had eaten one of the markers … what was going to be a rather nice bag has turned into a soggy mess of Bullmastiff slime … I have two more balls of the yarn and half of this one so maybe it will be enough to make another bag … AGGHHHH Needless to say, today his name is NOT Kyro but some other four letter name!!! :!!!:

Toby :passedout: :waah:[/b]

Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry that this happened. :pout: You could unravel the whole thing and wash the yarn, then start over. Frustrating and maddening though, for sure. Especially with how much you’ve struggled with this. Good luck.

[b]The pattern calls for 500 yds and each ball is 250 so I got three … I will rip it out and wash it if I find I am running short … maybe I’m meant to stick to bearmaking. :shrug: If I tear it back partway, I wouldn’t know where to insert the markers … good thing it wasn’t for a gift, just for my own use/experimentation.

Toby [/b]

Eek, I’m sorry your dog got to your project! My son once thought it would be ‘fun’ to pull all the DPNs off a pair of longies I was making and play with the yarn, so I feel your pain.

Regarding the ‘backwards’ knitting in the round, there really is no problem to keep on doing it that way if it’s easier for you. I have a hard time knitting with the needles in the front since I tilt them forwards anyway and the stitches then get pulled and stretched a bit. It’s also easier for me to weave in loose ends since they will be on the wrong side anyway. So, I’m one of those that knits inside-out on purpose, no problems doing so- the pattern still goes the same, just turn it inside-out (rightside-out?) when you are done.