Hi all,

I know this should obvious but I can’t seem to figure out the answer. How would I tell if I am knitting inside-out when using the Magic Loop technique?


I am pretty certain that any confusion I have with the question is entirely my brain’s fault, but do you mean something like the pattern says “work next few rounds inside flipped out”? I really only use magic loop for hats because I’m too poor to go buy smaller circulars lol.


The great thing about Magic Loop is you really only need one set of circulars as long as you’ve got a minimum 32” so you can manoeuvre easily. I wouldn’t knit in the round any other way, it’s genius once you get through the learning curve! I suppose if you were doing a large sweater body you might need a longer cable, but for up to hats and down to socks or gloves, one cable is enough, though you’d obviously need different size needles for different projects - hooray for interchangeables! I love circular needles for everything, I never use straight ones. Each to his own, I guess!