Inside out sock?

As I am trying to knit a sock just for practice before buying nice sock yarn. Should the top ribbing be pointing towards the ground as I progress? My sock is also inside out. Is it supposed to be…if not, does anyone know what I did wrong? Thanks!!

If you’re knitting a top-down sock, then the top will be pointing down.

Make sure you’re holding your needles closest to you with the work away from you. If you have the other needles toward you, you’re knitting on the inside of the sock so the whole thing will be inside out. You should be working on the outside of the sock.

Hi - I had this exact same problem but have now worked out what I was doing.

These posts from another forum should help:

I just flipped my sock inside out and it all started to make sense - I was knitting on the inside edge of the needles round in an anti-clockwise (think you call this counter-clockwise over there!) and I should have been knitting on the outside edge going clockwise.

If this still doesn’t click let me know and I’ll try to be clearer - it was a revelation for me when I finally worked out what was going wrong!!


Check out this link.

Scroll down a bit to find:

Knitting Inside-Out: How to prevent and fix it
It’s for all needle types.
I had the same problem and this helped me a great deal.


You ladies are so quick. I paid a couple of bills and in no time had a reply!! I totally understand what I did wrong. Your links for help were great. I had tried flipping my sock right side out but then I continued to knit on the side away from me. This made a ridge. Quite decorative but I new I was still wrong. I had already frogged it this morning before posting so I am going to try it again. Thanks so much!!!