Inside out hat?

I started working on a hat last night. It’s actually the ski hat with ear flaps from the free patterns page. Everything was going pretty smooth until i hit the main body of the hat…

I’m knitting the hat inside out. I’m not really sure when or how it happened. I’m pretty sure that when I attached the ear flaps the hat was oriented the correct way, but, now that I’m supposed to be knitting in the round to get stockinette I have to purl instead. o_O
I’ve tried turning everything inside out, but, then the “live” yarn is on the left needle and I’d actually be working over the stitches I had just made.

Anyone know how I can fix this? Or am I stuck purling the rest of the hat?

Maybe when you picked it up to start knitting in the round, you started the wrong direction?


well, the pattern instructions arent bery clear so maybe what happened is that instead of putting the earflaps on right side out, you put them on inside out and now you’re forced to purl instead of knit. if you’re too frustrated with purling the whole hat (I would be), you can try frogging it back, flipping the earflaps over, and attaching the earflaps the other way.

I know you said that you thought they were correct, but that’s the only that I can think that they would now be inside out.