Inside Out Circular Needle Question

Does it matter that my knitting is inside out??? This is my first circular project (it’s a hat) and I realized after about three hours of work that I am actually knitting the hat inside out (so the outside is on the inside of the circulars).

It’s a lace pattern so I am worried that if I move everything through the circulars, it’ll mess up everything I’ve done.

How did this happen?!? Is this a terrible thing to have happen? (I am going out shortly to buy a bottle of asprin!)

Do you have a picture so can see ?

I don’t think it will make a difference being inside out .

I wouldn’t think knitting the hat inside out would be a problem, until perhaps the decrease rounds on the top ( if you are knitting it from the bottom up.) I also don’t think you would mess anything up by pulling it through the center --I would put point protectors on the ends of the needles to prevent dropping stitches, but otherwise you should be okay. With circular needles, when you want the outside to be on the outside, you want to knit with the points of the needles in the front, closest to your body. What you are likely doing is knitting with the points of the needles away from you and the body of the knitting (on the cable) between your body and the needles. What you are doing isn’t wrong–in fact when doing a complicated fair isle or stranded knit you may prefer to knit inside out so that you can more easily see that the colors are carried loosely along the non public side of the work.

The bottom line is that you are doing just fine–no need for asprin!


thank you for your wonderfully quick response…

here’s a link to where you can see the pattern:

it’s the first hat–the maple seed pattern.

and, here’s what i have done so far:

currently the outside:

currently the inside:

i don’t know if that helps, and they’re blurry. i don’t see why i can’t continue to do it backwards the entire way??

It seems so simple! And you’re right, that’s definitely what I was doing–I am keeping the needles furthest from my body… You think I should be okay just pulling it up and then move the needles closer to my body??

It’s always the simple things with knitting…

I think you could do it inside out the entire way. As it gets smaller, it might be difficult to see exactly where you are, but it’s doable.

Okay… I am just going to continue to do it this way… I thought about moving the needles closer and it just seems awkward to me… Why do none of the pictures I’ve seen tell you this!?

Thank you everyone for all your fast responses!

Always good to to figure out what you are doing to make your knitting look the way that it does. Even better to figure out that what you are doing will give you the result that it does. I know all to well about that—I have all kinds of quirky things that I do to make some of my stitches that others look at and say “Huh, haven’t seen that before!” But as long as the results are what they are suppose to look like, who cares!

Are you ready to model your hat yet?


On circulars I always knit inside out I have no idea why its just easier when I do socks as I knit the socks come to me not down. I say go with the flow do it how you want as long as it doesnt mess with the pattern of course.