Inside out - 2 circular needles

I have just started knitting my second pair of socks - this time using 2 circular needles. All was going well until I started knitting straight stockinette only to discover that my ss stitches were showing reverse stockinette. It was easy enough to turn the work inside out and continue, but I would like to know WHY that happened in the first place. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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Hi, it works that way if you knit a pattern for straight needles on circulars, so, it will be on the reverse. So, if you want to “fix” this you have to instead of knit, purl, and the other way round for it to turn out “right”. It’s a lot easier to just find a pattern for socks on circulars. Hope this helps :+1:t2: :blossom:

Maybe one of these two:

  1. You actually turned it inside out and because of that you suddenly got reverse stockinette.
  2. You actually purled instead of knitting when you begun the stockinette part.

The main reason I ask is because this is my first time using 2 circular needles and I want to make sure that when I get to the heel and gusset I don’t have a disaster. I think that now that I am knitting from the correct (RS), I should not have a problem; I certainly hope so!