Inset Pocket how to

I am trying to do a technique for an inset pocket and just don’t get it. There is an article in the Fall 1990 Vogue knitting magazine, but I don’t have a copy of that to look at. I have posted in the Buy, Sell, Trade forum to try to purchase one. Here are the directions for my pocket. I am in the Master Knitter Program with TKGA and this is one of the swatches we have to do. Here are the directions for the swatch as written. The part in red is the part I don’t understand.

Using worsted weight yarn, CO 35 stitches and work in garter stitch for 1". Purl 1 row (WS), placing markers after the 7th and 28th sts. (The pocket is worked on the center 21 sts). Place all sts and markers on waste yarn.

With RS facing and another ball of yarn, pick up the purl bumps behind the center 21 (pocket lining) sts. Begin with a WS row and work 17 rows stockinette stitch making sure to knit the first and last sts of all WS and RS rows in order to create a garter stitch selvedge. Place sts on waste yarn.

Place 35 sts from holder back on needle and work in stockinette stitch for 12 rows [COLOR=“Red”]picking up a garter stitch bump from lining and working it together with the 8th and 28th sts on every RS row[/COLOR]. Continuing to pick up garter stitch bumps, firmly work K1, P1 rib on center 21 sts on next 4 rows.

I have already been told that this is not a K2tog, that I have to pick up stitches. I know how to pick up stitches on the gusset of a sock. But I can’t wrap my head around this one. Do I pick up the stitch in the lining first? Placing it on the needle and then knitting it with the next stitch. Are both sides worked the same for picking up, the lining first then the stitch, or is it the stitch and then the lining? Do I go front to back or back to front when picking up the stitch? Any help will be greatly appreciated. If you have a copy of the Vogue Fall 1990 magazine and want to sell it I would be interested in purchasing it. Or maybe just a copy of the article if you don’t want to part with the magazine.

Try some of the other references listed in the Masters bibliography.
“Knitter’s Handbook” by Montse Stanley has lots of directions for pockets, included lined and slit pockets. So has Vogue Knitting (the book, not the mag). Sometimes just looking at another set of directions gives you an “Aha!” moment.

If you don’t get the answers you need here, try posting on the TKGA forum or the TKGA group at Ravelry. The members are either doing the program or have finished it and they are very helpful.

There’s an online book with a chapter about pockets that may help.

nannaknits, I’ve been working on this swatch the past few days and asked some questions in the Ravelry TKGA group regarding the pick up of stitches along the lining edge, so everything about this swatch is fresh in my mind. I found your question as I was googling around to look up information relating to this swatch.

There are a couple of other things about this swatch that might be helpful to read about in that same thread, but since you are looking specifically for information about how to pick up those edge stitches, I’ll just answer that question.

You do, in fact lift the purl bump at the edge of the stockinette - the head of the stitch and place it on your left needle you then knit the head of that stitch together with the stockinette stitch for the outside of the pocket. So it is a k2tog in that sense.

in a way it is in-between a 3 needle bind off, and a K2Tog
you pick up the backs of the Purl bumps on one Left needle, you have the live stitches on the other left needle.
you knit the first stitch of each needle into a single stitch on a single/right needle, then you knit the next stitch off each left needle together into a single stitch on the new Right needle, etc etc
Does that help?