Inset and 'rows' in circular knitting?

ok, the pattern instructs me to cut the yarn that I am currently working with, and begin working with a second coloured yarn (colour b) and make the ‘inset’ …

[I]Row 1 (ws): with colour b, k2, p92, rejoin colour a and p36, k2
RND 2: with colour a, p2, k36; with b, purl to end. cut b.[/I]

I’m really confused about why it’s switching from ROW to RND, and - really, just everything… how am I ‘rejoining’ colour a? and how does it get back to colour b, when it asks me to ‘purl to end’ with b, at the last?

there are 132 stitches, so the 92 and the 36, plus 2 selvedge stitches per side, makes the 132 so that colour b doesn’t meet up again if you just knit in the round

if anyone can make some sense of this for me, I’d really appreciate it!

It would help if we know what you’re making and could see a picture of the finished item.

It’s a dress, knitted in the round lenghtwise. It has short rows, which I beleive I’ve figured out, and the skirt is knitted in panels, my question lying already in the first panel. colour a is the pink and colour b is the black.

thanks for taking a look at helping me!

sorry, here’s the picture

When you `rejoin’ a color, you just take the yarn end and begin knitting with it. I think RND 2 is a typo and it’s just rwo 2.

So, R1 - color b, k2, p92, drop b and switch to color a and p36, k2. Turn
R 2, Still using color A, p2, k36, drop a and pick up color b and finish the row

Where you drop and pick up the colors, twist them around each other loosely so you don’t have a hole there. There’s a video showing how to do that in Advanced Techniques under working with 2 colors; I think it’s the Intarsia method.

I’m going to try it again, treating it as a typo - see how that works. That way does make sense, the colours line up again to be knitted. I guess I just assumed it was to be worked in the round, and need to read a little more carefully!

thanks for the help.

Unless it says to `join’ you work flat. Rejoin colors is not the same thing.