Inserting Short Rows when Knitting in the round

I’ve been knitting for several years and recently came upon a problem with inserting short rows when I’m knitting in the round. I cannot come up with a satifactory way to hide the insert on one end. I’ve tried the Japanese Short rows, and the wrapped short rows, and the yarn-over technique. All of these work fine for hiding one of the ends, but none of them do a very good job of hiding the other end and my stitches always end up looking all weird and stretched out at that point. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Lately, I’ve been using the technique found in “Knitting in the Old Way” by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts, but it still doesn’t look so good.



:thinking: I wonder if you could do a combo…maybe wrap one end and do the other end in a different method that hides it better??? Not sure if that would work, but I doubt you could tell a difference from the front…might be worth an experiment.

Also, I read something about picking up the wrapped stitch from the row below to help close in gaps. I’ll see if I can find the link for you.

This is not the link I was thinking of, but it describes the same method and has good pictures:

Scroll down to “hide wrap from knit side”

The other article I read about this method said that doing this helps with the gaps.

Thanks for the link. However, my problem has more to do with the fact I am hiding the wrap while knitting in the round, which means that while the first wrap is hidden effectively following the technique in the link, the second one, which is still with the knit side facing since it is in the round, is not hidden effectively since I am coming at it from the opposite direction (this is the one that would be hidden with the purl technique, except I am not purling since it is in the round). When I try to just reverse the technique, it ends up that the stitches on either side of the wrap look stretched out of shape, and I have almost a ladder effect. No gaps, just real funky looking and obvious. :?? The 1st wrap hides great, so I don’t know what the issue is with the second one.


This is just off the cuff–I haven’t done short rows in the round, but is there any way you can turn your work and do it the purl way? Maybe slip your stitches and purl back? Just a thought. :??

Maybe a picture would help if you have the time?

I am sure with the collective :XX: brain power here, someone can help :slight_smile:

I think I had a twinkle on the above post–but now here’s the real deal from Elizabeth Zimmerman herself:

She’s describing short row shaping to make the back longer. I’ll just quote her here and you can adapt it to your pattern:

Work across the back to within 3 stitches of the underarm seam-stitch. Wrap the wool around the next (unworked) stitch on the lefthand needle (she describes how to wrap her which I’m sure you know)

Turn. Purl back to within 3 stitches of the other underarm seam-stitch and repeat for second wrap. turn and continue around.

Now: When you come to the wrapped stitch, work IT and the WRAP together.

Continue around, and treat the second wrapped stitch as follows: Slip the wrap, knit the stitch, pass the wrap over, (or SSK). The back is now 2 rows longer than the front. Repeat at regular intervals as often as wished.