Inserting pocket...need help

Okay, I am knitting this for my dad and am at this part.

[b]POCKET OPENING: Starting at arm edge [color=red](the RS I think since the pattern told me to end with a WS row right before this),[/color] work 37 sts, Sl last 23 sts just worked onto a holder, work to end of row.

INSERT POCKET: Work to pocket opening, work 23 sts of one pocket lining ([color=red]I made these earlier in the pattern and they are on stitch holders)[/color]onto same needle, work to end of row. Continue in pattern as established on 44(51- 58 ) sts until piece measures 16 ½ (17-17)inches, ending with a wrong Side row.[/b]

I am wondering… what do I do with the 23 st I slipped onto a holder when knitting the pocket opening? I don’t see anything later in the pattern to tell me what to do with them…am I just missing it?


All the way at the VERY end of the pattern you find out:

POCKETBAND: With right Side facing you, using smaller straight needles, pick up and k 23 sts across pocket opening. K 1, p 1 in ribbing for 1 inch, ending with a right Side row. Bind off as if to k.

Sew pocket bands and pocket linings in place. Finish buttonholes. Sew on buttons.

I did see that, but that is for the top of the pocket right? I am picking up st from my actual pocket in order to knit the band at the top. The st I have on my second holder (my first holder has the actual pocket on it) are at the bottom of my pocket. I am knitting this sweater from the bottom up.

I saw in one of my other books (I looked at a sweater that had a pouch pocket) that they had you knitting one st from each holder together to form one st. Is that how I am supposed to do this?

Looking at the picture, and reading the instructions, this is how I interpret it:

You add the ribbing to the top of the pocket. The sides of this will get sewn down. The pocket lining will need to be sewn down on three sides from the back. Clear as mud?

I am feeling very confused. Okay, let me see if I understand.

After I am done with the sweater I will go back and pick up 23 st at the top of my pocket and knit the band. Then I will sew down the two sides of the pocket (including the band part of it that I knitted), right?

Then how do I sew in the 23 st that are still on the holder at the bottom of the pocket?

I am so sorry. I just am not understanding well.

The stitches that are on the holder when you’re done are the stitches where you put the pocket edging.

The 23 stitches from the liner that you knitting on are the inside of the pocket–the part closest to the body. So you’ll have the pocket liner behind the opening that still is on the holder. Any clearer?

Pocket directions always seem to cause trouble. :rollseyes:

I’ll have to see if I can find the pattern for my Homespun sweatercoat. The pockets for that are done fairly similar, and it seems to me that the instructions are a lot clearer…

The 23 stitches from the liner that you knitting on are the inside of the pocket–the part closest to the body. So you’ll have the pocket liner behind the opening that still is on the holder. Any clearer?

Got it. So I need to have the pocket edging holder (with 23 st) on the RS of the work when knitting the 23 st of the pocket liner? So it is on the front side of the pocket. Then, when all is said and done, what the hell do I do with those sts? How do they get worked in?

I am so terribly sorry that my brain is having SUCH a hard time with this! :crying: Please forgive me for asking so many questions. Nicole if you can find the directions, I would love it!

Those are the stitches that you do the pocketband on. The directions say to pick up and knit, but I believe that you use the stitches on the holder. Does that make sense with what you have in front of you?

Ingrid, here is what I have in front of me.

So, what I think the pattern is telling me is that I knit up to the hole, replace the hole with the sts on the red holder and knit the rest of the row. Then work until it is 17".

Maybe I am just not understanding my “pocket lining”…it is the actual pocket right? I thought I would be picking up the sts from the top of this peice to make the pocketband and attach the sides later. My confusion lies in the sts on the gold holder what do I do with those?[/img]

The pictures help a lot.

The pocket liner will be on the inside of the sweater.

You’ll knit across the stitches on the needle, and then across the red holder. The pocket liner will hang down behind the part of the sweater front that you’ve knit already. When you sew the sides and bottoms to the inside of the sweater, that will be your pocket.

The stitches on the gold holder will be the ribbed edging.

When it’s all done, you’ll put your hand behind the ribbed edging down into the pocket that’s attached by knitting across the red holder to the sweater at the top and is sewn on the inside.

If it’s still hard to envision, flip the pocket liner so that it’s behind the sweater that’s on the needles and hold the red stitch holder behind the needle. Then maybe it will be clearer.

Ingrid…YOU ROCK!

Now I totally understand! I was thinking my pocket liner was going on the outside and was going to be the pocket. I didn’t realize (bad pattern picture) that the pocket was an “inside” type of pocket. I thought it was on the outside, but they are more like coat pockets! Does it matter how you sew/attach the pocket to the inside of the sweater?

Oh I feel so lame right now! But now that I know, it seems so obvious!!

Ingrid, you always help me out. Thank you so much!!! I am making this as a birthday present for my dad.

What a great gift!

Put the pocket in with the pattern side facing out so when you look down into the pocket the pattern is continuous from the opening up the front of the sweater.

So if you lay it out like your picture, just spin it 180 degrees and put it behind the rest.

So glad you can continue now!

Thanks Ingrid for picking this up! I was busy with the hockey games last night! I apologize Sunny for not mentioning the pocket being on the inside… I just took it for granted that you realized this! :doh: Since I had already wrapped my head around the instructions for my sweatercoat {which are in a safe place BTW :rollseyes: }, it just clicked immediately for me that the pocket was an inside one rather than one that’s sewn on the outside later.

Don’t worry about it. Being my first time with pockets and all I got stressed not knowing how they fit together and I should have asked earlier how they fit in. I just figured it was more like a dress shirt/jeans back pocket type of pocket…not coat or jeans front pocket type. I appreciate your willingness to help me though.

The pocket lining is on my needles and all is looking good. Once the sweater is done I can sew them in and be done (a while off though).