Inserting patch pockets

I am preparing to insert my first patch pockets and the pattern reads:

“When piece meas 6” insert pocket back as foll: Beg at center front, work 9 sts, sl next 24 st onto holder, work to end. Next row, work across and replace sl sts with pocket back."
Then it says nothing about what to do with the replaced stitches on the holder. Am I reading it wrong? The only other thing they say about finishing is to add the ribbing on the top of the pocket then “sew inside pocket and ribs down neatly”. This is the Ribbed Cardigan pattern in the book, “Knitting the New Classics” by Kristin Nicholas on page 16.

Anyhelp would be appreciated.

Those stitches on the holder are the ones that are used for the ribbing at the edge of the pocket. The pocket liner is now attached to the sweater.

Thanks, so quick!
So let me just clarify:
When I insert the pocket, I am not using the stitches on the holder on the pocket. I am using the other cast on end of the pocket. The stitches on the holder remain until finishing when I pick them up to add the ribbing before I sew the sides down from the inside.

Right. You put those stitches on the holder on your way across, and then on the way back use the pocket stitches to fill in the space left by the ones on the holder.

What do I with those after I have filled in the space they were to occupy?they are still floating on the holder.

this is not a patch pocket. It is an inserted pocket, and the stitches left on the sweater holder are picked up to make the ribbed opening.


Yae! What was confusing me was the fact that I had it in my head that it was a patch pocket. That really gave me the wrong visual. That may make a good video or picture technique to show.

Heres a great web site that has pictures,It shows all kinds of pockets

that was an excellent link with great pix. Thanks so much momwolf!