Inserting beads on a hat

How do I place beads such as K1, PB, (K3, PB) to last 4 sts.
Do I put a bead on thread and intertwine it some how in the yarn?

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I believe that for most beaded patterns, you put all the beads on the yarn first (the pattern tells you how many) and bring one up as you need it.

would you put the beads on when you are balling it up from a skein? or just push them waaaaaay down from the working end of the yarn? I’m trying to visualize how I might try this… thanks- mkz

I haven’t done it, but what I’ve read gives me the impression that you put the beads on after the ball is ready to be knit. I guess as you knit, the yarn will slide through the beads?

Some prestring all their beads, but as Ingrid pointed out, your yarn moves through these beads, and depending on your yarn (and the size of the beads), you may get some negative impact on your yarn - fluffing, snagging, etc…

To avoid this happening, you can employ a method called ‘hooking’ where you grab your beads as you need them. These tutorials might help you out.

[color=red]This[/color] one shows you both methods of prestringing and ‘hooking’, and [color=indigo]this[/color]one i found interesting, it just uses the ‘hooking’ method.

Ah! Thank you!! now I get it…