Inserting a drawstring

Does anyone know of a good tool for inserting a drawstring through a slot (as in the cord at the waistband of sweat pants) ? I remember my mother using something called a “bodkin” which looked like a very long safety pin. One thing I’ve tried is drilling a very small hole in the fat end of a chopstick, threading it with a sturdy yarn and tying that to whatever I want to weave through. I’m sure there must be a better way. Thanks for any suggestions.

I usually use a large safety pin, or one that will fit into the `tunnel’. You could probably use a stitch holder if it will fit.

Thanks! Even a very large safety pin would require that I slowly inch my way through the tunnel. What I’m considering if a very long, very skinny stitch holder, if I can find such a thing. I can’t believe no one makes bodkins any more. They’re very useful.

They do still make them. Most large sewing/craft stores carry them.

Wow!! That’s exactly what I’m looking for! Thank you so much!