Insert needle in dest. row?

I watched Amy’s video on inserting your needle into your destination row then frogging back to there. I’m still confused. I made the scarf with a hole in it from Knitty Gritty and made a mistake. So I started unknitting when I should have frogged. Now the purple mess is just sitting in the corner,literally.

I guess I forgot to add my question. Any one have any tricks or tips on this? Thank you :thumbsup:

ya know i read this thread last night at some hour of the day that a girl whose alarm goes off at 6am shouldn’t have been awake. I don’t know the answer to your destionation row question but i do have a question about the pattern…

i don’t get it…what is the point of knitting a hole in the scarf? I mean i think i understood the pattern (btw…watching that video didn’t help me at all…i was verrrrrrry confused after the video) but i didn’t understand why they were saying that it would be more secure if you knitted a hole into it. what did i miss that wasn’t shown in the video?

btw…i love that woman’s cross over scarf i just can’t get mine to look neat…makes me sad…sniffle

I saw that episode and what they were suggesting was that the wearer would tuck one end of the scarf through the hole and that would keep it from slipping off… like say for a child. So you don’t have to tie it really because having slid one end through the hole, locks it in place… didn’t make much sense to me either because I figured “okay… children tend to play rough and one tiny little hole isn’t going to keep THAT on his or her neck” :??

aaaaaaaaaah well that makes more sense to me. I thought the pattern looked easy enough after i figured out what she was talking about in the video but i thought the same thing about the cross over scarf…lol

thank you for explaining that…and i apologize brooke because i know you are going to see a bunch of responses and assume there is an answer to your question…sorry for the little hijack there! :oops:

That’s ok about the hijacking. The one end through the hole really does hold the scarf on. Although I haven’t made any for small children.

Brooke, the only tip I have is to practice…the first time I reinserted my needle I totally screwed it up, the next time not so much, and so on. I’m relatively confident doing it now, and all those screw-ups helped me learn what not to do. :wink:

Last night I found myself having to take out about 6 rows of 294 stitches. I didn’t want to risk not being able to get all the loops, so this is what I do in that case:

I insert a thinner, long cable needle into one side of each stich all the way around my knitting at the point I need to frog to. To be clearer, each stitch has two parts of the V. I pick up the V on the right. When my needle has picked up all the way around, I unravel. If you have a stripe or color pattern to follow, this makes it easier. Occasional, like last night, you insert into the wrong row’s stitch. At that point I slip the stitches to that point and tink it off. I keep doing this all the way around and there I am. . .

back to where I started the stupid colors and didn’t follow the directions properly and thought I was making such great progress and why don’t I pay closer attention when starting the foundation row I do this everytime. . . . . . .

I also recently had to take out a lot of knitting and opted to frog, it was my first time and I was totally nervous! My trick was to insert a tapestry needle and a different colored yarn into my destination row. It was a lot easier than trying to squeeze the needle in there and still see what I was doing. After the yarn was in my destination row I checked it carefully to make sure it was all ok (also easier with the yarn instead of the needle), and then once I was sure it was correct I just followed the yarn with my needle. It worked perfect the first time! :thumbsup:

Thank you all. I give it a try.

Kilgore_Trout, I have a question. I can see how handling a tapestry needle would be much easier than the long needle, but what do you do if you DO happen to pick up a stitch from the wrong row. I find that I do this no matter how careful I am unless I have a definite stripe to follow. In other words, I make mistakes correcting my mistakes!

Ingrid, Not sure what you mean by “definite stripe to follow”, but…
I was working with black yarn so I used bright pink yarn on the tapestry needle so that I could see it easily. I also get paranoid about making mistakes so every couple of stitches I checked my pink “stripe” to make sure it was following the destination row. Usually I could even see if the pink yarn was crooked, meaning I picked up a stich from another row. If you do happen to make a mistake, just go ahead and pull the (pink) yarn out back to your mistake, and no harm done. Key word is PATIENCE! :thumbsup:

Oh, I should have known, patience and attention to detail. I seem to have a lot when I’m knitting, but not when I’m going backwards. Thanks for the info. :wink: